which Technologies will Retain The Freshness Of Fruits And Vegetables

The Technology Used In The Refrigerator To Retain The Freshness Of Fruits And Vegetables For A Longer Period And To Preserve Food are

Twin Compressors & Evaporators

Keeps the moist warmer air of the refrigerator separate from the dry, cold air of the freezer resulting in less frost in your freezer and better tasting food.

Ethylene Gas Filters & Scrubbers

Spoiling foods emit ethylene gasses. Filters can slow the spoiling process and reduce cross-contamination with other foods.

Active Fresh Blue Light

Blue lighting emulates the sun extending photosynthesis and prolonging the freshness of your fruit and vegetables.

EverFresh+ Technology

Specially gasketed crispers to keep air and moisture out.


Negative ion charger to eliminate the positive ions of odours in your refrigerator.

Designated Fruit & Vegetable Bins

Specially designed bins on the refrigerator door which maintains optimum moisture in the vegetables.

Vacuum Seal Door

Keeps air out of the refrigerator.

Zeolite Technology

helps to prevent excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables

microblock technology

This technology uses a unique Antimicrob block additive that prevents up to 99% bacterial growth, so fruits and vegetables remain fresh for a long time inside this refrigerator.

Aroma lock

This technology uses a special Palladium based deodorizer that removes foul odours and ethylene gas released by some ripening fruits and vegetables. It helps to slow down the decay of the stored food and ensure freshness for a longer time.


This technology helps in reducing oxidation to maintain the freshness of fruits.