what is defrosting? why this is important?

freezer covered with ice to illustrate defrosting.

You may be wondering what is defrosting and how to do it correctly, right? lets discuss one by one.

What is frost?

Formation of ice on the surface of the freezer

 what is defrosting?

       In the case of a direct cool refrigerator, ice will form on the freezer surface because of the freezing of the condensate in it.

       Clearly, this ice formation (frost) will not help you in saving money on your electricity bill, because it reduces the heat transfer rate and thereby increases the time taken and energy consumed by the refrigerator to freeze or cool the stuff

       The process of removing the frost from the freezer surface is called defrosting.

       Defrosting can be done manually either by switching off the power supply to the refrigerator and then turning on the supply after the Frost is completely melted out from the freezer surface or by pressing the defrost button provided in the refrigerator (Only a few direct cool refrigerators have that button).

       To increase the speed of the defrosting process, keep the bowl of hot water inside the freezer.