refrigerator door configuration

Various types of door configurations of the refrigerator

        You have seen the single-door configuration of the refrigerator but, do you know in addition to the single-door configuration, there exist other 4 different door configurations of the refrigerator viz. Top Mount, Bottom mount, Side by Side and French door bottom Mount refrigerator door configuration?

Refrigerator Door Configuration

1. Top Or Bottom Mount

       Normally double-door Refrigerators are configured as either Top mount or Bottom mount depending on the position where the freezer is mounted i.e. top or bottom

2. Side By Side

       In this configuration, the fridge and freezer sit side by side. Works best when you use frozen and fresh food equally. interior space is narrow, larger items will not fit.

3. French Door Bottom Mount/Freezer

      In this configuration, two side-by-side doors for the refrigerator plus a bottom freezer drawer. This style works best in tight spaces and allows for larger items in the fridge