Pocket Friendly Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021


1.AmazonBasics split AC 1.5 Ton BUY NOW

Other best split ac 1.5 ton next to AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton are

2.Hisense split AC 1.5 Ton BUY NOW

3.Whirlpool split AC 1.5 Ton BUY NOW

4.Godrej split AC 1.5 Ton BUY NOW

        Are you looking for the pocket friendly budget best split AC 1.5 ton in India 2021?

       Your search for the pocket friendly “best split AC 1.5 ton 2021 in India” will end today! because I have found the pocket friendly best split AC for you after researching 10 + brands! maybe you like it!

       I have considered important Criterion like price, humidifier existence, Energy Efficiency, type of the quality of air purifier, heat exchanger, compressor, refrigerant used etc to find the pocket friendly best split AC 1.5 ton in India 2021 and that AC is Amazonbasics split AC 1.5 ton!.

       This AC is packed with numerous features like 4 stage filter, dehumidifier etc. to provide a comfortable feeling in the hot summer. This is the best pocket friendly AC as no other brand AC provides it.

        This AC is running on an inverter compressor which makes it energy efficient and also given a 5 star rating by BEE to this AC.

       Condenser of this AC is made up of 100% copper material and its fins are coated with blue anti corrosion coating for the durability and to withstand even extreme weather conditions.

       This AC is equipped with a 4 stage filtration system and using 3 MS micro dust anti bacteria filter which can trap microparticles up to a size of 0.3 micrometre and can clean up to 80% of air impurities.

        Furthermore, it also features ‘high air flow volume‘, this helps in blowing cool air to reach every corner of the room and you will find it more effective during the high temperature.

       Its ‘energy saving mode‘, automatically adjusts temperature and fan to minimize energy consumption thus maximizing savings

       Moreover, its ‘sleep mode’ maintains comfortable temperature by cutting excessive cooling during night, thus you can sleep comfortably without getting a midnight chill.

       Its ‘anti fungal function‘, removes water droplets from the evaporator by blowing the air for 40 second on evaporator after the AC is switched off through remote

       Its Goodies does not end here, it has much more to do to satisfy you! like stabilizer free operation, Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant and high ambient temperature cooling at 48 degrees Celsius, noise level is also impressively quieter! that is only 38 db and also to provide service to its customer Amazonbasics company has service centre at 347 cities!

Key Features Are,

  • 5 star BEE rating 
  • high air flow volume
  • can clean up to 80% of air impurities
  • Blue fin coating
  • 100% copper condenser 
  • anti fungal function


  •  5 star rating
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • auto restart
  • auto defrost
  • self-diagnosis
  • dehumidifier
  • PM 0.3 filter
  • sleep mode
  • energy saving mode
  • antibacterial coated filter
  • high ambient temperature cooling at 48⁰C 


  • not a dual inverter compressor
  • no Vitamin C diffuser
  •  not a smart Wi-Fi AC

Technical Details

  • model: PBAC18K5INV201
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 star rating
  • noise level: 38 dB
  • material: plastic


1 year on product, 2 years on condenser, 5 years on compressor

Amazonbasics Split AC 1.5 Ton

Pocket Friendly Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021 BUY NOW

Other pocket friendly best split AC 1.5 ton in India 2021 next to Amazonbasics are

2. Hisense split AC 1.5 ton

Smart Wi-Fi AC, Inverter compressor,Self Cleaning. I feel Technology,Smart cooling, Supercooling, intelligent sleep,Self-diagnosis, health filters LEARN MORE

3. Whirlpool split aC 1.5 ton

Intellisense Inverter Technology, Turbo cooling, MPFI Technology, Self-diagnosis, Sixth Sense fast cool Technology, high ambient temperature cooling at 55⁰C LEARN MORE

4. Godrej split AC 1.5 ton

Inverter compressor, tri-filter air purification  system, Precision cooling, super fast powerful cooling, Goldfin anti-corrosion condenser, high ambient temperature cooling at 52⁰C LEARN MORE

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