Money saver ac buying guide for your dream AC

Smart AC Buying Guide for your dream ac

Before buying an AC you should go through the AC buying guide so that you shouldn’t miss any goodies of the AC while saving money and time in choosing it

1. Decide how much capacity AC is required. This is roughly decided by the room area even though other factors matter

  • small rooms up to 120 sq. ft, choose 0.75 – 1Ton of AC
  • medium size room 121-180 sq. ft, choose 1.5 Ton of AC
  • large room 180 sq. ft and for above, choose more than 1.5 Ton of AC( refer AC specification)

2. If you are living in the most polluted City you must opt for at least a PM 2.5 filter. Lesser the PM number, the superior the PM filter will be.

3. If you are living in a place where the maximum temperature ranges between 40 to sizzling  50 ⁰C during hot summer, then look for an AC with high ambient temperature cooling compatibility with good PCB cooling Technology.

4. If you are living in an area where the humidity is more than 65% during summer, then opt for dehumidifiers as well as premium anti-bacterial and virus filters in the AC.

5. If you are living in an area where the relative humidity of the air will remain less than 55% during summer then don’t opt for a dehumidifier in the AC so that you can save some money.

6. If you are living in the Savanna type climate and you feel uncomfortable during both hot and humid summers as well as chilled dry winters, then you should go with the expensive ‘all season AC’, which has both summers as well as winter air conditioning systems.

To know more about tips for selecting AC to suit your climate click/tap here

7. If you want to buy a cheaper good quality AC, Go with an aluminium heat exchanger instead of an expensive copper heat exchanger.

8. If the price of the selected AC is slightly higher than your budget, then look for the other services that the company is providing after buying it, like free installation, free services, and warranties on compressor condensers and PCB. If you are satisfied with it, then buy it.

Schematic diagram of AC Buying Guide

If you want to buy an AC which can fulfil all your comfort needs and don’t want to waste money on extra features that are totally unnecessary for you, then follow these steps using the selection table 

schematic diagram indicating AC buying guide.

        Let us consider that I live in the savanna climate where RH>55% during summer in a clean city(pollutionless). So am looking for a feature/comfort like fast cooling and an energy-efficient air conditioner!

Then 1st step, list all the ACs that suit savanna climate (RH>55%) i.e. AC must equip with a dehumidifier and high ambient temperature cooling capability

  1. IFB split AC 1.5 ton 
  2. LG split AC 1.5 Ton 
  3. Whirlpool Split AC 1.5 Ton 
  4. Hitachi split AC 1.5 Ton 
  5. Voltas split AC 1.5 Ton
  6. AmazonBasics split AC 1.5 Ton 
  7. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 

2nd the step, list the comfort required. I need the following comforts

  1. Fast cooling
  2. Energy efficient

In 3rd step, make a list of the best ACs in each comfort category and then select the common AC from it.

The best Fast cooling ACs are 

  1. TCL split ac 1.5 ton 
  2. IFB split AC 1.5 ton 
  3. LG split AC 1.5 Ton 
  4. Sanyo split AC 1.5 ton 
  5. Panasonic split AC 1.5 ton 
  6. Whirlpool Split AC 1.5 Ton

The best energy-efficient ACs are 

  1. Daikin split AC 1.5 ton 
  2. Panasonic split AC 1.5 ton 
  3. Sanyo split AC 1.5 ton 
  4. TCL split AC 1.5 ton

       The common AC in these 3 categories is only Sanyo split AC 1.5 ton and this is the perfect AC to fulfil all my comfort needs

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