Important AC buying guide for your climate

This is a complete AC buying guide for summer air conditioning, in climates like Tropical Rainy, Savannah, Humid subTropical, Tropical and subtropical Steppe, and tropical Arid (according to the Dr.Trewartha’s Classification

Sometimes this guide proves to be a money saver for you while buying the AC!

Classification of climates in India

Different climates in India to illustrate the AC buying guide for these climate

AC Buying Guide

AC buying guide For Tropical Rainy, Humid Subtropical Climate

Tropical Rainy climate, Humid subtropical Climate in the Eastern region of India or the region where, Relative humidity of the air during summer, remains more than 65% and the temperature remains less than 40⁰C.

If you are living in these types of climates then for the comfort feeling, AC should be equipped with a dehumidifier as well as a premium anti-bacterial filter!

      Due to the highly humid air, your room turns into a bacteria-prone environment and you will sweat because of high humidity and feel sticky, also smell the bad odour in the room. All these conditions make you feel uncomfortable like hell!

      So it is important to cool, dehumidify and filter the recirculated air from dust as well as bacteria in the AC to feel cosy and comfortable!!

AC buying guide For Savanna Climate

savanna Climate or in a Humid subtropical Climate in the Western Region of India or the region where the Relative humidity of the air during summer crosses 55% and the temperature sometimes crosses beyond 40⁰C

If you are living in this climate then your dream AC must be equipped with high ambient temperature cooling compatibility in addition to a dehumidifier and an antibacterial filter.

If the Relative humidity of the air during summer doesn’t cross  55% then the selection AC should equip with high ambient temperature cooling compatibility is enough

For Tropical Or Subtropical Steppe, Tropical Arid Climate

Tropical or subtropical Steppe Climate, Tropical Arid Climate or the region where the relative humidity of air during summer remains at less than 45% and the temperature is sizzling hot.

  In these climates, during summer, the relative humidity of the air remains low, thus you are experiencing sizzling hot and dry summer. Sometimes maximum temperature may go up to 50 ⁰C! It is observed that, at Puri in Rajasthan, the maximum temperature recorded was 50 ⁰C.

So to achieve comfort cooling under such hot and dry summer, AC should cool the room quickly and also work efficiently even at such high ambient temperature. Furthermore, to increase the relative humidity of the dry air and maintain it at a comfortable level a “humidifier” is a must.

Dehumidifier is not going to help in making you feel comfortable in this hot and dry climate.

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