You may be wondering how a refrigerator works? how do vegetables, fruits and foods inside the fridge get cooled below room temperature right?

       It is a well-known fact that when a hot object is kept inside the room, it will start to cool because ‘heat’ from the hot body is transferred to a low temperature room environment.

        When the ‘hot object temperature’ becomes equal to a ‘room temperature’,  heat transfer from that hot body, ends. It means, further cooling of that object i.e below the room temperature is not possible

      Because there is no temperature difference and also heat cannot move from a cold body to a hot body in order to further cool the cold body.

       If so, then how does the stuff inside the fridge get cooled below room temperature?

       This is possible according to the second law of thermodynamics! It states that heat can move from a cold body to a hot body by a ‘System’ if a ‘work’ is added to that ‘system’ e.g. refrigeration system.

       In the case of a ‘refrigerator system’, ‘work’ is added to this system through a compressor.

       Hence, it is possible to transfer the heat from the stuff inside the refrigerator to a high temperature room environment in order to cool the stuff inside the fridge to below the room temperature

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