How to choose a refrigerator?

       Looking for a new refrigerator? You may feel overwhelmed while buying a new refrigerator due to the wide variety of options available. In the fridge, there can be a lot of choices regarding  capacity, design,  finish, handle type, door configuration and feature. When it comes to selecting your new refrigerator, are you uncertain about where to begin? not sure how to choose a refrigerator? Here is a list of 9 questions to ask yourself as you prepare to find the right refrigerator to match your lifestyle needs and design aesthetic.

1. Which fridge size fits in my kitchen?

Refrigerator are not one size fits all. You should make measurements for the following 3 areas

  • The maximum size of the fridge opening (Height, Width and depth) that fits in the kitchen, the size opening will determine the types of selection available to you.
  • Door swing space. While installing the fridge make sure that you will be able to open the door fully!. For this provide at least 50mm( 2”) space on either side. There are some high-end refrigerators with “True Flush” hinges which don’t stick out when you open the doors but most will require the extra space.
  • The size of the kitchen entrance. Not being able to get fridge into the kitchen is a nightmare. So you should make sure that plenty of clearance on the stairs, if you have them and on the door going into the kitchen, as well as home. Also keep in mind that refrigerator requires 25mm(1”)of clearance on all side to prevent overheating.

2. Refrigerator Capacity – how much food storage do I need?

       In addition to space ability, another very important factor is your storage need. Make sure that selected fridge is with the right capacity and interior configuration is matching your lifestyle!

  • Once a week shopper tends to require maximum capacity, while daily market shoppers need less shelf space but more produce drawers.
  • Entertainers need to maximize shelf areas to fit large party trays and flexible door shelving to hold bottled drinks.


  • For 1-2 member
  • 3-4 member
  • 4-5 member
  • 5+ member 
  • 120 – 230l single door
  • 240-350l double door
  • 350-500l double or triple door
  • 500l+ side by side

3 . Refrigerator design and style: A freestanding or built-in(Column Refrigerator) fridge?

Another important element to consider when buying a refrigerator is design and style. Do you want a freestanding fridge or a built-in fridge? Each style has its advantages:

  • Freestanding: Freestanding refrigerators simply slide into your kitchen cutout for easy installation and greater flexibility.
  • Built-in: Ideal if you want your kitchen to have a clean, seamless look. Built-in fridges are installed completely flush with your cabinetry and can also have a custom panel to blend in with your cabinets if you desire. Also this is very expensive

4 .what Features you desire to have in the fridge?

Click on the feature to know more about it

These fridge doesn’t requires a stabilizer for within standard electricity fluctuation

This drawer provides additional space for non-refrigerated food like potato, onion, chips and more

it will help to keep food frozen for up to 12 hours in freezer during power cut

This feature enables curd preparation within 5 to 6 hours. 5hours for soft and 6 hours for thick curd. One need to boil and cool the milk and mix the curd culture manually and store it in curd maker. The curd is made with the same consistency and eliminates the all hassles of curd making in different weather condition.

By using this feature you can convert freezer to fridge whenever you wish to enlarge your fridge space

 This feature increase the flexibility of the fridge interior to accommodate for larger or odd shaped items.

This technology helps in making ice quickly

          This compressor uses an inverter technology to convert AC current to DC current which further regulate the compressor running speed according to the cooling load. Inverter compressor is always in “On”state. Although, Inverter compressor is always on, it saves electricity a lot because it runs at variable speed to match load requirement of the fridge.

Refrigerant R600a  has less global warming potential(GWP) than R12 and R134a .

Another refrigerant  R410a, it doesn’t deplete ozone layer. R410a also has a low boiling point, which means it’s more power efficient

following features available in expensive fridge

This design allows you to reach for often used item without leaving open the entire door there by reducing escaping of cold air and also entering of hot air so that you can save electricity consumption

There are many innovative technology used in fridge to keep food fresh for  many days. Some of them are

Twin Compressors & Evaporators:

Keeps the moist warmer air of the refrigerator separate from the dry, cold air of the freezer resulting in less frost in your freezer and better tasting of food.

Ethylene Gas Filters & Scrubbers

Spoiling foods emit ethylene gasses. Filters can slow the spoiling process and reduce cross contamination to other foods.

Active Fresh Blue Light

Blue lighting emulates the sun extending photosynthesis and prolonging the freshness of your fruit and vegetables.

EverFresh+ Technology

Specially gasketed crispers to keep air and moisture out.


Negative ion charger to eliminate the positive ions of odors in your refrigerator. 

Designated Fruit & Vegetable Bins

Specially designed bins on the refrigerator door.

Vacuum Seal Door

Keeps air out of the refrigerator.

If you are thinking about dispenser consider how often you use it. There are internal dispenser option is also available. A waterline connection is required.

The hands free auto fill water dispenser lets you walk away while the dispenser automatically fills your container with filtered water.

In the door hot water dispenser makes it easy for you to pour hot filtered water in minutes. With pre-programmed setting, hot water is dispensed at a perfectly accurate temperature every time.

With a Keurig K- Cup brewing system built into the refrigerators water dispenser, you get fresh, filtered water for your coffee or tea every time

5. Refrigerator Door Configuration - French door vs. Side by Side vs. Bottom Freezer?

Click on the configuration to know more 

Freezer door on top, fridge door on below. This can accommodate larger items however you have to bend over to access fresh foods.

Freezer drawer on bottom, fridge above. This unit accommodates oversized items and no need to bend for access fresh foods

Following configuration available in Expensive Fridge

The fridge and freezer sit side by side. Works best when you use frozen and fresh food equally. Interior space is narrow, larger items will not fit.

Two side by side doors for the refrigerator plus a bottom freezer drawer. This style works best in tight spaces and allows for larger items in the fridge

7. Refrigerator Design, Finish & trends – what colour and finish?

8. Energy efficiency

      Your fridge will be running 24/7 so energy consumption is important factor you should consider.Check the EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio) label. BEE provides stars to the Fridge according to this label and it ranges from 1 to 5 stars. More star means more energy efficient Fridge is.

9. FOR BUILT IN REFRIGERATOR(column Refrigerator)- which type?

  • Counter depth: lines up with your countertops and does not protrude past them. 
  • Standard depth: offers more capacity and extends past your countertops.


     One more thing you have to keep in mind that more option leads to set an unrealistic standard within you about the product and often you will not choose any one of them as you are looking for “the best”. Always remember that “The Best” doesn’t really exist!! You have to make some sort of  trade off!! And each option has both the advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you should have clear cut priority from the 9 question before buying a fridge!! and omit unwanted expensive fancy features if it doesn’t fit in your set budget for buying a fridge.