Find the best of Refrigerator under 10000

Comprehensive List of Refrigerators Under 10000, Categorized for Easy Selection

Are you searching for a refrigerator under 10000? I have compiled a list of refrigerators that are priced under 10000 and categorized them into two sections for your convenience: “refrigerators” and “portable refrigerators”. So, if you are searching for a refrigerator under 10000, this list will be helpful to you.

Up to 100l Refrigerator under 10000

GEM Refrigerator

100 L 1 Star Direct-Cool Single Door


Stabilizer Free Operation, Thicker Insulation, Stylish Door

Midea Refrigerator

95 L, 1 Star, Direct Cool, Single Door


Stabilizer Free Operation, Big Bottle Rack, Recess Handle, Reversible Door

Around 50l Refrigerator under 10000

Generic Refrigerator

53 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door


Inverter Compressor,  Spill proof toughened glass

Hisense Refrigerator

46 L, 2 Star, Direct-Cool, Single Door, model 2022


 Fitted with a bottle bin, Chiller Zone, Reversible door

Kelvinator Refrigerator

45 liters, 1 Star, Single Door


 Eco Gas, Easy to Clean Gasket, Reversible Door

Godrej Refrigerator

30 liters, freezer less, compressor less, Single Door


Advanced Solid-State Technology, Super silent operation, Dual LED Lights, 

portable refrigerator under 10000

Sarge Portable Refrigerator

7.5L, Thermoelectric


Cool and Heat, high-quality ABS material

Ironctic Portable Refrigerator

4 L,Thermoelectric


Cool and heat, Low energy consumption

Tropicool portable Refrigerator

5 litres, 5 Star, Single Door,Thermoelectric


Removable Shelves,Hot & Cold Switch

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the product images shown here may vary with the actual productSome of the information like warranty, price etc. provided here may vary from actual in future.

Specification of the Refrigerator

Usually, refrigerators are specified by their volume capacity in terms of litres, Door configuration, and energy efficiency star ratings.

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How to choose a refrigerator?

Refrigerators are selected using the following thumb rules

  • For 1-2 members – 120 to 230l single door
  • 3-4 members – 240 to 350l double door
  • 5+ member  – 500l+ side by side

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Main parts of the refrigerator

main parts of a Refrigerator are 1. Compressor, 2. Condenser, 3. expansion valve, 4. Evaporator.

A gas called, “Refrigerant” flows inside the condenser and the evaporator coil.

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Types of Door Configuration of the Refrigerator

Refrigerator door configurations are 1. Single door, 2. Top Mount, 3. Bottom mount, 4. Side by Side and 5. French door bottom Mount.

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