Fastest Cooling Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021


 Fastest Cooling Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021 Is

1.TCL split ac 1.5 ton BUY NOW

Other best split ac 1.5 ton next to TCL split ac are

2.IFB split AC 1.5 ton BUY NOW

3.LG split AC 1.5 Ton BUY NOW

4.Sanyo split AC 1.5 ton BUY NOW

5.Panasonic split AC 1.5 ton BUY NOW

6.Whirlpool split AC 1.5 Ton BUY NOW

       Are you looking for the fastest cooling best split AC 1.5 ton?

       Surely many are looking for it! as slow cooling AC never makes you feel happy because you might expect, when AC is turned ON it should cool the room to the desired temperature quickly! if it does not and takes more time to cool the room, then definitely you will get frustrated!

       Nowadays many AC, feature fast cooling Technology! from these fast cooling  ACs, in my opinion, fastest cooling “best split AC 1.5 ton in India 2021” is TCL split AC 1.5 ton

       Its ultra inverter compressor is designed to deliver maximum cooling and efficiency!! This compressor starts with high frequency and runs at maximum RPM thus cools faster than any other AC! and the company claims that it can cool outlet temperature from 27 degree Celsius to 18 degree Celsius in just 30 seconds!

       This AC is equipped with 100% copper tubing for effective heat transfer as well as for its durability!

Key Features Are,

  • Strong cooling in high ambient temperature
  • Smart Wi-Fi AC 
  • Titan gold plated fin 
  • Rapid cooling in 30 second 
  • I feel technology
  • R32 refrigerant
  • Advanced PCB cooling technology


  • Fast Cooling in just 30 seconds
  • Inverter compressor
  • Advanced PCB cooling technology
  • Smart Wifi AC
  • Vitamin C diffuser


  • No dehumidifier
  • No graphics on the Body
  • No PM2.5 filter

Technical Details

  • Mode: TAC-18CSD/V5S
  • energy efficiency: 5 star rating 
  • capacity: 1.5 ton 
  • annual energy consumption: 841 kilowatt-hour per year
  • noise level: 45 dBmaterial: plastic indoor unit dimension: 101 CM length X 22 CM death X 31.5 cm height
  •  outdoor unit dimension: 85.3 CM X length 34.9 CM X depth 60.2 cm height


1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor, 3 years on PCB

TCL Split AC 1.5 Ton

Fastest Cooling Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021BUY NOW

Other fastest cooling best split AC 1.5 ton 2021 in India next to TCL are

2. IFB split AC 1.5 ton

Pm 0.3 filter, 7  stage air treatment, superior cooling power with twin inverter high speed HD compressor, Turbo cooling, Dual goldfin heat exchanger, Fireproof electronic control box in IDU,  Air cooled PCB, Nano tek coating LEARN MORE

3. Lg split AC 1.5 ton

Dual inverter compressor, 5 in 1 convertible cooling, HD filter with antivirus protectionWhich is tested as per ISO 21702: 2019 on MS2 Bacteriophage (an RNA virus of the family Leviviridae), Low gas detection, Himalaya cool, 4 way swing, low gas detection, Ocean black protection,Smart diagnosis system, Hi grooved copper pipes LEARN MORE

4. Sanyo split AC 1.5 ton

Dual cool inverter Technology,  Clean air, Glazier mode, Auto restart, Eco function, Self-diagnosis, Hydrophilic fins, Sleep function LEARN MORE

5. Panasonic split AC 1.5 ton

Twin cool inverter,Antibacterial coated filter, Smart  wifi AC, Customised sleep profile, Powerful mode for fast cooling,  Dry mode with De- humidifier,Shield blu LEARN MORE

6. Whirlpool split AC 1.5 ton

Intellisense Inverter Technology,Turbo cooling,  MPFI Technology, self-diagnosis, Sixth Sense fast cool Technology. LEARN MORE

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