beautiful Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021


 Beautiful, As Well As Attractive Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021 Is

1.Samsung split AC 1.5 ton BUY NOW

2. IFB split AC 1.5 ton BUY NOW

3. Blue Star split AC 1.5 ton BUY NOW

       Are you looking for a beautiful, as well as attractive AC that can cool the room with a dash of Style to the home ambiance?

       In my opinion Samsung split AC 1.5 ton is the” best split AC 1.5 ton in India 2021″ in this regard! It has beautiful appealing graphics on the body which makes it an impressive looking AC and when it is installed in your room, definitely this AC enhances the aesthetic appearance of the home ambiance!

       Besides this, the body is made of ABS material which is a scratch resistant plastic so your AC always looks clean without any scratches all the time

       This AC runs on an inverter compressor which makes this AC more energy efficient furthermore BEE has given 5 star rating to this AC

       Company claims that This AC has 18 % bigger fan, 18% wider inlet and 31% wider blade for blowing large volume of cold air so that you feel more comfortable during hot summer,

       Its  “Tri-care filter” eliminates dust particle, fibrils, animal hair and the zeolite coating filter eliminates virus, bacteria and allergens thus makes the air totally hygienic to breath

       In order to prevent the growth of bacteria mildew in the heat exchanger, it has “auto clean function”

       This function automatically runs the fan to remove dust and moisture from the heat exchanger when the AC is turned off, so that the heat exchanger stays clean and dry.

       Condenser used is copper tube and the fin used in the heat exchanger is “Durafin Plus” which is made of copper tube and anti corrosion coating on fin to protect the condenser from rusting.

       Its corrosion resistance was tested under salt spray test (SST) for 48 hours and successfully passed the test! Besides this, the company is giving a 5 years warranty to the condenser.

       Its “triple protection plus“, prevents damage from power surge and fluctuating electrical current.

       This AC uses eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, so that you will not damage the environment if you buy this AC

Key Features Are,

  • Great graphics on the body
  • 5 star energy rating
  • Easy filter plus for easily cleaning the filter
  • auto clean
  • Dura PlusFin
  • R32 refrigerant
  • tricare filter
  • triple protector Plus technology


  • Inverter compressor
  • copper condenser coil
  • dehumidifier
  • anti bacteria filter
  • auto clean
  • abs plastic


  • no PM 2.5 filter
  • no high ambient temperature cooling compatibility

Technical Details

  • model: AR18AY5YAWK
  • noise level: 45 dB
  • material: ABS
  • Indoor unit dimension: length 82 cm X depth 21.5 cm X height 29.9 cm
  • Item weight 37kg


1 year on product, 5 years on condenser, 10 years on compressor

Samsung Split AC 1.5 Ton

Beautiful, Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India 2021 BUY NOW

Other beautiful good looking best split AC 1.5 ton in India 2021 next to Samsung is

2. IFB split AC 1.5 ton

Striking chrome strip on a body,  PM 0.3 filter,  7  stage air treatment superior cooling power with twin inverter high speed HD compressor, dual goldfin heat exchanger, Fireproof electronic control box in IDU,  air cooled PCB, Nano tek coating. control box in IDU,  Nano tek coating LEARN MORE

3. Blue Star split AC 1.5 ton

Affordable Aluminium/Alloy Condenser Coil,Precision Cooling Technology, Brushless DC Motor, Multi Filtration Stages, High Cooling Performance (HCP), Climate Control, Powerful Mode, Dual User Setting Preference, iFeel, Hidden Display


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